Specifications for Double Chamber and Mobile Incinerator

Specifications for Double Chamber Incinerator:

Primary Combustion

・ The primary combustion chamber shall be accepted as the primary combustion zone.

・ The minimum combustion temperature of the primary chamber shall not be less than 800 degrees c

Secondary Combustion

・ The residence time in the secondary chamber shall not be less than 2 seconds

・ The gas temperature as measured against the inside wall in the secondary chamber ,not in the flame zone shall not be less than as indicated in Lot 1-7

・ Both the primary and secondary temperatures shall be maintained until all the waste has been completely combusted


・ The chimney shall have a minimum height of 4 metres above ground level

・ The minimum exit velocity of the emissions shall not be less than 10metres/second

Temperature Warnings

・ An audible and/or visible alarm to warn the operator when the secondary temperature drops to below the required temperature


・ Control box can be detached and mounted on separate stand of atleast 1.5metres from the incinerator at approximately 1.6 metre height

・ CE compliant or equivalent for incinerators of this size and model

・ Drawings and photos for the offered lots

・ 1 year spare parts,fuel tanks and 10metre hose to come standard with every incinerator


Specifications for Mobile Incinerator Units

Trailer mounted mobile incinerator units suitable for the following applications

・ Medical waste

・ Domestic waste

・ Industrial waste

・ Animal cadavers

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