Hot Medical Waste Disposing Machine Burn rate per hour: 250 -300kg/hr

Incinerator should be smokeless, odourless combustion and it should be made by high-quality cast, insulation, and steel plate as well as minimum generation of dust. Moreover the incinerator should be corrosion resistant. 


Pyrolytic:- Hot Medical Waste Disposing Machine


Operation Condition

8-16 Hr /day


Built in data recording

/Primary Combustion Chamber

Type: continuous loading

Capacity/Burn rate per hour: 250 -300kg/hr

Temperature:  900-1200 oC



External- 3 layers

Internal lining:  a fire proof material of pre-fired refractory bricks with Aluminium lining, resistant to corrosive waste or gas and to thermal shock


Type: horizontal/vertical

Temperature: 1200-1400 oC

Residence time of gases : >2 seconds



External- Low thermal mass insulation 14-30 oC

Internal lining:  a fire proof material of pre-fired refractory bricks with Aluminium nettle lining, resistant to corrosive waste or gas and to thermal shock.

Ash Handling System

Both Automatic and manual removal of Ash. Must ensure removal/treatment of hazardous remnants of ash.

Flue gas treatment   system  





Capable of treating the flow of flue  gas as the incinerator is operating at its maximum capacity

Auxiliary device: Water level gauge, pressure sensor, PH sensor..etc.

Auxiliary device: Fuel cut off device

Waste  feeding mechanism

Automatic pneumatic/hydraulic waste loading system or conveyor belt , capacity 650-800L at a time                                                                                                                                      

Chimney (Stack)

Type: Vertical type

height: 7-10 meters

Material: Fireproof cast, stainless steel

Wet scrubbing system

Vertical sprat tower with baffles or packing inside

Gas emission

Reduction of Pollutant gas SO2, HCL, HF and line particulate


ASH -Max <5% of original waste size


Emission standard

WHO/ European

Test report for emission testing

Must be provided

Product Data sheet/ Catalogue

Must be attached to the ITB

Additional Requirement

 Local agent or branch in Ethiopia

 Training for users as well as for EPHI maintenance staff  on preventive maintenance

 Fuel tanker with a minimum capacity of 2500 litre (made of plastic material with overfill prevention valve ,fuel gauge, lifting eyes)

 The bidder should be willing to sign at least a five years’ service and maintenance agreement with the client (EPHI)

 The supplier shall arrange by itself lifting equipment and labour needed during the installation, testing and commissioning of the incinerator


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